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Evening Counseling Centers

The Student Evening Counseling initiative provides students with the services and resources they need to be successful in school. The initiative offers counseling sessions that meet the criteria for mandatory adolescent substance use counseling as well as provide students with counseling in the following areas: stress management, academic support, school connectedness and navigating your way through the new school norm. Counseling is free of charge for PGCPS students and is completely virtual. Sessions are designed to help participants plan, prepare and develop skills to help them successfully avoid certain at-risk behaviors.

The Program

• Consists of two or four sessions (to be determined by the school administrator)
• Has a clear focus on the stages of change
• Has bilingual staff
• Utilizes a positive youth development approach
• Features 45-minute sessions that are exercises in discovery and use demonstrations, role-plays, short lecture, audio-visual and hands-on skill-building activities.

Information & Appointments

Student Evening Counseling Hours

  • Tuesdays • 5-8 p. m.
  • Wednesdays • 5-8 p. m.
  • Thursdays • 5-8 p. m.

How to make appointments

To learn more about the Student Evening Counseling Initiative or to schedule your child’s counseling sessions, please contact the Office of Student Engagement and School Support at 301-749-4379.

Appointments must be made at least two days before the actual counseling session.

How to make a referral

If you would like to make a student referral for services, please email us at You will be sent a link to a referral form to be filled out and we will contact you to make an appointment.

L’Initiative de conseil aux élèves en soirée

La Iniciativa de Consejería Nocturna para los Estudiantes