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Services Available

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The International Student Admissions and Enrollment Office offers the following services to our international families and to school staffs:

  • Register and place in school all students with birth and/or school records from other countries and all students who have a primary language in the home other than English.
  • Counsel, in collaboration with school-based counselors, international and English Language Learner students with social, academic, or other concerns.
  • Evaluate foreign transcripts for secondary students.
  • Coordinate the acceptance, registration, placement, and scheduling of all foreign exchange students participating in programs authorized by the United States Department of State.
  • Consult with school teams (SIT, SST, SSST) and the Dual Language Assessment (DLA) Team when culturally and linguistically diverse students are referred for assistance.
  • Provide educational and/or cultural information about international students and educational systems to school personnel.
  • Provide information to "newcomer" families about our school system and its programs.
  • Conduct "Newcomer Groups" for students as a follow-up to enrollment.
  • Maintain statistical data on the number of international students, and the countries and languages represented in the county.
  • Conduct workshops/in-services on cross-cultural communications and other multicultural topics for the school system.
  • Work with school-based counselors to provide crisis intervention to international students and English Language Learners and their families.
  • Act as a liaison between the school system and community organizations such as the Health Department, Department of Social Services, Department of Protective Services, Refugee Services, etc.
  • Provide resources and referral information to international students and English Language Learners and their families regarding Head Start, Adult Education, Prince George's Community College, and other resources outside the school system.
  • Collaborate with school offices (i.e. Office of Interpreting and Translation, Homeless Education Office, Office of Constituent Services, Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries, etc.) and school staffs in order to address the specific needs of international students.
  • Provide information to schools and workshops for students and parents on college and career readiness for English Language Learner and international students.
  • Conduct financial aid, high school preparation, and special topic workshops and programs on educational topics for parents in Spanish.