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Instructional Priorities


Our Instructional Priorities connect to the Strategic Plan.

Realizing Transformation

The focus of the Division of Academics impacts the instructional core of our work and our ability to realize transformation.  This will be done by prioritizing our students and the instruction delivered to them daily. 

Student Learner Profile


Therefore it is critical for us to understand our “Why”- our Students.  Our Student Learner Profile describes the attributes and skills we want for all students to thrive in a dynamic, complex, global community.

Dedicated time is allocated for students to learn about and reflect on the Student Learner Profile attributes via the Canvas course links below:

Instructional Framework


“How” we get there is through our instructional framework.  It provides the blueprint for and definition of our expectations for instruction and provides a framework for a consistent cycle of teaching and learning every day.

Watch Our Video Explaining Learner Profiles and Our Instructional Framework

Learn about how we approach developing the characteristics or attributes of our students and the curriculum framework we use to guide that process. Watch our video explaining learner profiles and our instructional framework to learn more about developing learners who are good communicators, critical thinkers, creators and innovators, goal-directed learners, and global citizens.

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