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Non Resident Students: Tuition Contracts

According to Board Policy 5118, no pupil shall be enrolled tuition-free in the Prince George’s Public Schools unless said pupil is residing with at least one of his/her parents, having legal custody of said pupil, or, in the absence thereof residing with the court-appointed guardian(s), which such parent(s) or guardian(s) is/are bona fide residents of the County.

Nonresident pupils shall not be enrolled in any public school of the County without authorization from the Superintendent or designee. The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent to accept nonresident pupils only when space is available in a particular school and their previous school records are acceptable.

Among those who are required to pay tuition are:

  • Pupils placed in County foster homes by a Social Services and/or Juvenile Services agency, except for Prince George’s County agencies;
  • Pupils placed in Prince George’s County foster homes by recognized agencies other than those in the State of Maryland;
  • Pupils placed in County group homes by a Juvenile Services agency, except for Prince George’s County Juvenile Services Department;
  • Pupils living with friends or relatives who are not court-appointed guardians.

At the time of registration, the parent/guardian must complete the PA26/27, Tuition Contract (PA28 if residing in another Maryland county).  A new contract is required each year.  Tuition payments are made in advance for the quarter and subsequent payments are due prior to the first day of the next quarter.

Tuition rates for nonresident pupils shall be established by the Board of Education. Such rates shall be adjusted annually upon recommendation of the Superintendent.

Parent(s) or guardian(s) of all nonresident pupils will be required to pay the full tuition rate for one school year. The tuition fee is prorated on a daily basis (180 school days) and adjusted accordingly for the period of enrollment for any pupil enrolled for less than one school year.