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PGCPS Compliance Hotline

Report by Telephone

The Hotline toll-free phone number to make a telephone report is 1-866- 646- 2512

Para presentar una denuncia telefónica, llamar gratuitamente al 1-866-646-2512.

Report Online

To make an online report go to the Prince George's County Public Schools website 

Select the relevant topic, then read the questions and follow the instructions carefully.

Para presentar una denuncia por Internet, visitar 

La página permite seleccionar el idioma (inglés o español) y luego el tema de la denuncia. Rogamos leer atentamente las instrucciones y responda a las preguntas

What to Report

The Board of Education and the Chief Executive Officer of the Prince Georges County Public Schools (PGCPS) encourage any concerned individual to report financial fraud, waste, or abuse. Fraud includes all acts for personal gain, without limitation, that result in damages or losses to PGCPS.  Waste includes neglect, destruction, damage, or loss of property by someone entrusted with use.  This also includes spending unnecessarily as a result of inefficient or ineffective practices.  Abuse is improper use of resources or authority for financial gain. 

Examples of What to Report

  • Theft of money, property, inventory, or supplies
  • Compensation for hours not worked or duties not performed;
  • Falsification of time records or expense reports
  • Creation of fictitious employees/vendors
  • Falsifying invoices or transactions
  • Executing related party transactions
  • Accepting kickbacks, bribes, gifts, rebate, or anything of value in exchange for business given to a vendor
  • Removing, borrowing, or destroying PGCPS records, furniture, fixtures, or equipment without permission
  • Disclosing of confidential and proprietary information to outside parties
  • Inappropriate vendor relations
  • Unauthorized use of PGCPS facilities
  • Receipt of undue benefits for self or family members
  • Illegal activities

For Other Concerns, Please Contact

  • Child Abuse/Neglect: 301-909-2000
  • Harassment/Discrimination: 240-573-7049
  • Employee Labor Relations: 301-952-6385
  • Constituent Services: 301-808-8315     
  • Building Services: 301-952-6500