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Distance Learning Guidance: World Languages Elementary Program K- 5


  • Using a full distance learning model, students will meet with their teachers in real-time and video classes in various sessions, to receive direct instruction. Teachers will follow the new scope and sequence guidelines to help students to acquire proficiency in the grade level of language. Parents will have access to a language APP in order to help the students.
  • Professional development will be provided for teachers to model oral communication following the World Languages National standards of Communication with the three modes interpersonal, intrapersonal, and presentational will be modeled for the teachers on August 25, 2020.
  • Instruction will include audiovisual components in order to support language comprehension.

Programmatic Support

  • Students will meet with their teachers in real-time to receive direct instruction, they will also be able to access recordings of lessons in order to revisit content they would like to review.
  • The World Languages Office has acquired additional resources and services to supplement our current instructional resources.
  • Each grade level has a textbook, reading resources and a digital platform. Teachers can use Mango and Duolingo as digital complementary resources to help students with language comprehension.

Program and Scheduling Considerations

  • The World Languages Elementary Program is offered at the following schools:

Oakland ES, Montpelier, Greenbelt, University Park, Judith Hoyer Montessori, Robert Goddard Montessori, John Hanson Montessori, Barack Obama, Rosaryville, Melwood, Patuxent, Tulip Grove, Northview, Ft. Foote, Ardmore and Berwyns Heights.

  • World Languages at the elementary level should be scheduled twice weekly for 30 minutes with live instruction. Students should also have 15 minutes independent practice after each session using the Duolingo or MANGO app (teacher choice)  

Resources for Distance Learning








Powerpoint- Graphic Organizers

 All Languages

World Languages Google Site Resources

 W.L. Teachers only

Spanish Spelling Bee by Salvador Vega

Spanish Teachers

Lesson 1: Vocabulario by Salvador Vega

Spanish Teachers

Video El Alfabeto by Irene and Rocio

Spanish Teachers

Choice Board For Young Language Learners

All Languages

Google Tools for Struggling Students

Students with Disabilities

Talented and Gifted

Advance Readers/Honors

ESOL considerations

English Language Learners

ACTFL resources

All Languages

Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

Spanish Teachers

Duolingo App (Clever)

All Languages

MANGO Languages

All Languages