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Distance Learning Guidance: Science and Technology


  • Distance learning will provide students with synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities.  These opportunities are important to assist in the acquisition of content knowledge as well as the application of STEM skills and practices.
  • Professional development focusing on STEM standards of practice, project-based learning, and technology for virtual instruction will be provided to educators to assist in the creation of cyber classrooms and teams important in developing STEM students. 
  • The utilization of break out rooms and technology will help to create environments for small group and teaming opportunities important in the practice of the engineering design process.

Programmatic Support

  • In conjunction with the Science and Technology centers, additional resources are being acquired to assist the teaching and learning of courses.
  • Scholars will follow their assigned schedule to meet with their teachers in real-time to receive direct instruction. They will also be able to access recordings of lessons to revisit content they would like to review.
  • Alternative online resources that provide students with experiential learning opportunities that students can access from their assigned Google Chromebooks are being evaluated for use.
  • Parent and student orientation at each center will guide the parents through student schedules and expectations.
  • The creation of a newsletter with monthly competitions for students will provide additional opportunities for students to apply what they are learning.

 Program and Scheduling Considerations

  • Students in the internship course will engage in virtual meetings with mentors and complete assignments and research targets to meet the goals and objectives of the internship.
  • Senior students’ research practicum projects will be allowed to use and analyze secondary data.
  • The use of the web-based Onshape in place of SolidWorks software is permissible in all engineering courses.
  • Teachers will establish office hours for troubleshooting, feedback, and next steps for students in STEM courses

Resources for Distance Learning






Onshape is a computer-aided design (CAD) software system, that is web-based, which makes it accessible to students using Chromebooks. 



Labster gives students access to a realistic lab experience that will let them perform experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free learning environment.


 MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is a free, web application integrated development environment.  It allows newcomers to computer programming to create application software (apps) for two operating systems (OS): Android and iOS.