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Distance Learning Guidance: P-TECH


  • P-TECH is a model that combines high school, college, and the world of work. The P-TECH mission is to provide students with an education that begins in grade 9, continues through high school completion with a high school diploma, and culminates in the attainment of an associate degree.
  • P-TECH students will experience the delivery of high school instruction through live “real-time” lessons following the SY21 Frederick Douglass High School (FDHS) bell schedule.
  • The P-TECH model will continue implementation with full remote learning for Prince George’s Community College courses. Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3
  •  P-TECH scholars will participate in synchronous classes (virtual real-time experiences). Year 4 scholars will participate in synchronous and asynchronous (self-guided) classes.

Programmatic Support

  • FDHS teachers will provide live virtual after school extended learning opportunities to P-TECH scholars.  Teachers will plan collaboratively and review student data to determine high priority standards and use high leverage strategies to bridge academic gaps.
  • Pending grant approval, FDHS will offer additional BIO-2050 Anatomy & Physiology I and BIO-2060 Anatomy & Physiology II  support through virtual tutoring sessions conducted by a Prince George’s Community College instructor.
  • P-TECH scholars will participate in live virtual work-based learning activities and experiences to broaden and strengthen workplace skills.
  • The FDHS P-TECH Team will meet virtually with parents for quarterly P-TECH parent engagement meetings and conferences. The quarterly meetings and parent-teacher conferences allow all stakeholders to engage in dialogue and action planning to support P-TECH scholars.
  • P-TECH will provide college advisement sessions to Year 4 scholars.
  • P-TECH will offer college essay writing guidance and review sessions for Year 4 scholars.
  • P-TECH will continue to host virtual mentor/mentee sessions for scholars.
  • P-TECH will hold student-centered virtual social cafes to provide students with academic and social-emotional support.

Program and Scheduling Considerations

  • Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 P-TECH scholars will engage in full remote learning for high school and college courses. College courses will occur during the FDHS school day hours. 
  • Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4 scholars will follow the SY21 FDHS bell schedule.
  • Year 4 P-TECH scholars will undertake remote learning for their college courses.

The college courses will occur during the FDHS school day hours. The college schedule is subject to change based on the individual student’s needs and college course availability.

  • Year 4 P-TECH scholars are required to check-in with P-TECH staff members on Fridays.

Resources for Distance Learning, Virtual Experiences, and College Preparation





Prince George’s Community College Learning Remotely Resources


Resources are available to support students with the transition to remote learning with Prince George’s Community College.






Duolingo is a free app that high school students can take advantage of to support second/foreign language acquisition.



IXL Learning

IXL is an online platform for tracking student growth in mathematics. IXL supports the development of math skills, student efficacy, and preparation for standardized tests.


Khan Academy


The free website offers academic resources for math, physics, U.S. history, grammar, economics, and biology. Khan Academy also provides free SAT practice questions and tests.




No Red Ink is an adaptive online platform for tracking student growth in reading and grammar. The site supports the development of reading skills, student efficacy, and preparation for standardized exams.




Quill offers free writing and grammar activities for students.




The College Board


The College Board helps to connect students to colleges by offering academic resources and college admissions exams.


Common Application


The Common Application is a comprehensive site utilized to apply to over 900 colleges and universities, and research financial aid and scholarships.


First-year essay prompts:




Common Black College Application


The Common Black College Application is a comprehensive site utilized to apply to 55 HBCUs for one application fee of $20.




Naviance assists students in reaching their goals through the development of college and career-ready skills.



Virtual College Fairs


Visit colleges and universities from the comfort of your home through a virtual experience.


Explore the following:


College admission process

Financial aid and financial award programs

College majors

College campus

COVID-19 response