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Distance Learning Guidance: College, Career, and Research Development


  • In a full distance learning model, students will meet with their teachers in real-time, following their school schedule, to receive direct instruction. This support will allow them to master the content for this course.
  • Professional development will be provided for teachers to adapt traditional classroom instruction to an online model at the systemic professional development day on August 26, 2020. Follow-up and additional training sessions regarding use of online platforms will be available.
  • Classes will meet daily on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays following the students’ school schedule. Wednesdays will be used for small group instruction, enrichment, and intervention.

Programmatic Support

  • Students will meet with their teachers in real-time to receive direct instruction, they will also be able to access recordings of lessons in order to revisit content they would like to review.
  • The Department of Career and Technical Education has gathered additional resources to assist teachers in transitioning to online instruction. (See Resources for Distance Learning.)
  • The Program Coordinator and Instructional Specialist will be available to assist teachers in adapting their lessons and instructional strategies for online instruction.

Program and Scheduling Considerations

  • As a CTE completer program, students will need to attend their classes and complete formative and summative assessments as scheduled to ensure they meet the requirements by MSDE for the College, Career, and Research Development Program. This may include attending full or partial sessions on Wednesdays.
  • Teachers are expected to use class time for whole group and small group instruction as well as to provide group and independent classwork and homework. Students working on technique should be monitored and assisted by the teacher.

Resources for Distance Learning





Skills To Succeed Academy

This is a platform where students in grades 7-12 can learn from employers about different careers and potential employers.


CTE Learn


This website gives teachers access to 150 self-paced courses for CTE professionals, free resources, federal guidance, and online webinars.


E-Dynamic Learning Personal Finance


The articles on this site give teachers and students access to expository text relating to Personal Finance topics that are geared towards high school students. The optional, follow-up lesson activity is a way for students to extend their exploration of expository writing essays as they are a requirement for K-12 students, as outlined by state standards.


E-Dynamic Learning Career Ready Program


With more than 120 courses in 22 career tracks, the curriculum is aligned to national and examination standards and allows students to explore their career options before making a choice.  Students then follow a clearly defined path to acquire the technical knowledge and skills required to bring them to the doorstep of industry-endorsed certifications!  Graduates with training are ready to pursue further education or go straight into the workforce.


CTE Online

This site provides resources for CTE courses.